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Medicine Hat is a beautiful place to visit year-round, but it especially shines in the spring. The city is known for being the sunniest city in Canada! Part of the reason it’s so beautiful at this time of year is all that sun, but it’s also because of there is so much nature and wildlife in the many parks and trails that surround the city. Stop at Echo Dale Park, Kin Coulee, or Police Point Park for a nice day in the sun.


Echo Dale Park

Around 10 minutes from the city is Echo Dale Park, a large park that has two lakes in the middle. The lakes are man-made, and one is used for swimming and recreation while the other one is used for boating and fishing. There are trails through the park and lots of varying views in this unique park. Go see the cliffsides, trees, and ever an old farmhouse in this picturesque park.


Kin Coulee

One of the most popular destinations and biggest parks in Medicine Hat is Kin Coulee Park. The 100 acre park is full of nature and trees. The park has a series of trails that run through it along with a long winding river. It’s a very recreation-friendly park - there are baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, skateboard parks and playgrounds - making it fun for people of all ages. There are also fire-pits and picnic tables making it a great spot to visit for a picnic.


Police Point Park

Police Point Park is full of animals and is a very popular spot for photography for this reason. There have been all sorts of animal sightings and its common to see deer, porcupines, and foxes year-round. The park is a big destination for bird-watching as well! Hikers love Police Point Park because there are trails of varying difficulty that run through it. The park was named for the Mounted Police outpost that used to be in the area.


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