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posted by: Home Inn Express Medicine Hat on: November 30, 2015

Medicine Hat is a city of great culture—and that’s not just for the present. We’ve had a history of incredible industries and art, as well as a great variety of peoples that live in and around our city. All of this has culminated in a number of rich cultural and historical locations, from museums to galleries to heritage locations, so if you’re planning a trip to Medicine Hat, don’t miss these fascinating attractions.

Medalta in the Historic Clay District

A near-unanimous love of all visitors, the Medalta is a must-see museum. Medicine Hat’s clay industries made up much of the city’s original “backbone” when it first formed, resulting in everything from simple brick to ornate pottery to sewer pipes. You’ll get to see all of these, as well as how they were made and where the clay comes from. You’ll most likely experience a common sense of nostalgia as you realized how much of your own experiences with pottery can be traced back to Medalta. Learn more here.

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

The Esplanade is the heart of Medicine Hat’s culture from all walks of the city’s heritage. With mediums from music to dance to painting, sculpture, artifacts, and much more, there’s something here to be seen for everyone. With an art gallery, museum, and public archives, the contents of this building are incredible—as is the building itself. A “marvel of contemporary Canadian architecture”, the building alone is a sight to be seen. Find it here.

Saamis Tepee

Speaking of visible landmarks, there’s one that can’t be missed: the Saamis Tepee. A tribute to the native heritage of both the city and country, the tepee is ringed with a storyboard of native culture and history. It even overlooks a native archeological site, which has an estimated 83 million artifacts buried in the earth. This is a great place to round out your education of Medicine Hat, as it takes you back to our original heritage.

Medicine Hat is a beautiful place with immense cultural and historical value, and we invite all of the cities visitors to experience this for themselves through these museums and galleries. And while you’re in town, be sure to stay at a true Medicine Hat hotel—ours! Book your room today. We look forward to your visit!